Experiences, Poetry


Saplings stretch tenderly within me.

Roots connect two hearts.

We span seasons,

fruitful and loving.


With any growing thing-

pain and pleasure assure us.

Promises of success and failure

touch tongues and break hearts.


Grasped with two hands

I am caught. No fear here.

A saviour; Prophetic tender heart.

A mother, a father, a lover.


Like minds guide us,

journeys never ending.

Oh, the tales we’ll tell

to children someday.


These roots are ours.

Unsure where they came from,

but happy all the same —

Best knock on wood.


Keep me close at hand;

don’t let me slip away.

Do not unwind us,

and I will keep us safe.



1 thought on “Rooted”

  1. A love poem and why not? Honesty, hope, and commitment all shine through. The poetic provenance of the words enables and strengthens the sentiment. In prose, such direct feeling and emotion might have been a little too much. Have you been reading Haskell’s The Songs of Trees or Wohlleben’s The Hidden Life of Trees? If not, I’m sure you would enjoy one or both.

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