Experiences, Fibromyalgia, Poetry, Trauma


Let me breathe heartache

and let me sigh pain.

Raise my voice and clear

the room of clustered chatter.


Let me explode to tiny pieces;

feel me like shrapnel.

Understand what days feel like…

Exclaim your pain like I could.


We are separations —

A juxtaposition of healthy beings,

a luxury never awarded to me.

You call upon our differences.


I pour the air from my lungs,

sounds unintelligible to you.

Foreign thoughts and subjects;

fear represents you.


Ask and I will answer!

Do not be shy,

but you creep around corners

scared of what you’ll find.


My secrets are scary,

I know that is true.

They’ve not killed me yet.

I won’t let them harm you.


Let me speak truths

and trust that you will hear them.

Let me sigh sadness

and inhale joy.





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