The Mermaid’s Quell

From the shore, the sea, he saw

Its blinding spray and deep green maw

In disregard for natural law

He ran out on the waves.


Stepping now, across the sea,

His limbs became unbound and free,

But still they heard, an ancient creed,

Preaching them their failure.


On the water, his feet would ache,

Further to sea, and farther awake,

From water’s roar his mind would make,

An enemy of himself.


All at once, his form would sink,

In fear of what he himself would think

He went down where the sea was ink,

And glowed none in the dark



Swimming free, and flighty she

would call the sailors in.

She found her solace in the sea;

which saved her from her sins.


She saw a man slipping further down

to the depths where she had been.

Worried that this man would drown

She collected all his limbs.


Lending herself as his life raft,

she addressed this broken vessel.

When he awoke, he laughed;

they both were stunned and disheveled.


She looked into his deep grey eyes,

and saw the wind upon the sea.

whole again, he cries

“come sail away with me”?


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