What the Hell is This Week

Sad starts, and happy endings;

a million thoughts, and bad habits

collide in our case. Similarities

uncanny at best.


I thought one thing,

and those thoughts graced your lips

as if you took a train through

my mind’s darkest depths


A vision of divination,

something greater than ourselves,

ordering us in every which direction;

knowing I will happily go with you.


Starry eyes, heavy hearts, and

a like-minded nature

binds us. You are abundant

where my deficits reside.


Smiling cheek to cheek,

I peek, lovely to

the core of you.

This is my distracted mind.


Somehow, through this:

the terrible and unfortunate,

these thirteen days have

been a blessing to me.


Through the passing away of

loved ones, the passing through of friends,

the hurt of mental illness, and the

fear of change and end…


Connections come and go,

but you’ve helped me in every way.

Through torture and wonder,

I wander to your eyes; strengthened by you.


We agree,

What the fuck is this week,

and yet giggle like children over

prospective happiness.


Darling, I hope for you,

and we say:

“Tu me salvaste”

“Ich werde immer”



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