Move Around, Around, Around, Around, Around.

Once again, spring is here. Its sounds welcome me to a new home, again. Spring, in my mind, and no doubt in the minds of many, represents a certain renewal of the soul. I’m far happier when the weather approaches a sunny 22c, with birds chirping in the brisk morning air. Smelling the dew on the grass through my open window. My cat cleaning her paws at the end of my bed; bliss meets me in these moments.

I welcome the idea of change, yet I also fear it, on occasion. I am no stranger to a life that some tell me is much like that of a gypsy. I’ve moved house 20 times or so now. Some were my choice, some weren’t. The difference, this time, is that this house feels quite like home already. I’m not moving again for quite a while. I’m home, and here to stay.

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