Ask Me Anything

Ask me anything,

for I am an open book.

The only thing I stress,

is that you do not apologize for

things that have happened.
I am currently sitting in a cafe,

sipping at some coffee. The taste

lingers on my tongue.

I enjoy this. I think solemn

thoughts, and enjoy my mood.
My words may seem cryptic, to you,

but I assure you, I think quite clearly.

I no longer feel held down, I am free.

These thoughts flow through my consciousness,

reminding me of the last three years,

spent in captivity.
I can admit that I did not know myself

well enough, but a part of me rejects that idea.

Perhaps the problem was that I loved

someone that rejected parts of who I am, leaving me

to reject myself as a whole.
Why listen to those who dislike you?


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